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This basic Spanish for tourists digital program is an intuitive, easy, and fun way to learn Spanish. It is based on conversational Latin American Spanish, which is much different than the formal Spanish.

This Spanish learning program is completely digital with no traditional teat books or software program.

Founder Patrick Jackson, an attorney who wanted to learn basic Spanish for tourists, found that there is big different between Latin American Spanish and formal Spanish. Not only the accent and pronunciation sometimes are different, but idioms, expressions and even some words are completely different.

Overview Of The Course - Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

Learning Spanish Like Crazy is an audio only course, with 30 lessons per volume. The method and the tools in that audio course give an opportunity for people who travel to Latin America to learn basic Spanish for tourists.

Volume 1 takes the student from beginner level to intermediate

Volume 2 completes the journey from intermediate toward advanced student level.

Volume 3, will be released soon, will complete the journey and results in language fluency.

The Package contains:

The whole course (30 lessons)

The download able version of the 4 levels of "FSI Programmatic Spanish" (about 55 hrs of audio training).

Text books and instructional manuals of FSI courses in PDF format.

"Los Dichos" and "Los Insultos" downloads.

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Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review – The Learning Methods

The method of Learning Spanish Like Crazy is based on natural learning. The concept assumes that you can learn Spanish the same way babies and children learn their native languages. The program is based on 3 principles of language learning:

1. Complete immersion - Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

The way we learn language as a baby and small child is by complete immersion. The way you become comfortable speaking is by listening to native speakers constantly; watching Spanish TV, listening to Spanish radio in the car, and listening to the lessons over and over. Do not attempt to read or write the language until you are not comfortable speaking.

2. Developing ideal habits - Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

Using Spanish constantly is a habit that must be learned. Developing the right habits is a part of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy program. The only way to become comfortable with a second language is to use it and hear the sound of your own voice speaking it. The program asserts that you must practice, time and again.

In Spanish it is crucial to imitate native accents and inflections, in order to achieve true fluency. Understanding that basic Spanish for tourists goals can be reached in a short time.

3. Having the correct attitude - Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

The last part of the Learning Spanish Like Crazy program is helping you to have the correct attitude and the mental component. You must be fostered or success other wise it will not be achieved. After assimilation of the right habits, you must have a belief that you will succeed.

The voices and sounds on audios are top notch clear.

You learn the grammar rules easily, and some good patterns of the language

The amount of new words and information is enormous.

You get to learn all the informal phrases and the conjugation of each verb.

You get the words you are not sure about in text format.

The format of text and audios allows you to study Spanish anywhere and any time you want.

Available as a digital download for $99.95 or a physical version shipped to you on CDs for $299.

Includes 6 download able bonuses (worth hundreds of dollars)

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The method teaches you to speak and understand Spanish, read or write the language are in another stage.

The Learning Spanish Like Crazy program teaches Spanish for the Latin America countries.

You get a promise to speak fluent Spanish in three months. This will be probably not be true unless you focus on Spanish all day long, everyday.

It is available as a download for $99.95 and includes:

For $299, you can get the physical course shipped to you on CDs to your home.

Conclusions - Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

This program will definitely help you or any person who wishes to travel to Latin America to learn the Spanish language through speaking and listening.

I found the lessons to be fun and engaging. The cost is not prohibitive, and is much less than comparable "popular" courses such as the Rosetta Stone series and Pimsleur.

I suggest that if you're just staring out, take a serious look at this course in no time you will control the basic Spanish for tourists.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Standard Greetings in Spanish - Strategies To Learn Simple Spanish Phrases with Audio

There’s probably countless of main reasons why learning simple Spanish phrases with audio works to almost everyone. However, maybe in your case, it’s useful because you’re some sort of traveler and wish to reap the benefits of knowing at least one other language. You could be a businessman in search of investment prospects, which may be more accessible to you in case you only knew a way to speak few standard greetings in Spanish. Alternatively, you’re just someone who is related to another person who has a Latin American heritage and could wish to look for a connection.

Studying Spanish has not grown more in popularity than it has today. With more than 500 million Native and non Native speakers in more than 21 countries worldwide and growing, you can’t miss the value of this. You will most definitely encounter a person around that speaks or at best understands the typical greetings in Spanish you have in your vocabulary.

It has become a very important language which the U.N. and its other agencies have designated Spanish as its official language. It's by far the most studied languages in America and Europe. Spanish is expected to increase faster than any language, and it is continuing growing in its influence on the planet.

As we stated before, if you’re a traveler you can’t miss the importance of learning an additional language, especially Spanish because it is spoken in a wide variety of countries that wherever you will go, in certain ways you’ll be able speak it. And you also can’t over the state the important for being in a position to speak and understand the locals. Knowing a couple of standard greetings in Spanish would help you create the basic communication.

How about if you’re a businessman or someone in the employment market? Well, as a business it is possible to see the benefits that can come pouring into your business with learning simple Spanish phrases with audio as part of your leisure time. And why not, you won’t be limited by just a few countries when you’re attempting to attend various Seminars, Trade Events, or Exhibitions. Indeed, if you are merely a beginner learning the typical greetings in Spanish will help you create the first impression quick and easy. In the next stage, once you will speak the language fluently you will have the luxury of negotiating business deals right then and there and never have to hang on for a translator. If you’re simply a person trying to find a better job, the quantity of opportunities you have access to from the labor market when companies discover that you’re a bilingual applicant?

Learning standard greetings in Spanish on-line has also helped everyone who wants to learn Spanish much easier. If you believe that you simply can’t find the time to take a seat in a class to educate yourself an international language, then online learning simple Spanish phrases with audio is just for you. You don’t even need to get from home, all you need is some type of computer and access to the internet, and you may begin your lessons!

There is a selection of either learning through Audio CDs that may be easily shipped to you personally, or download the (MP3) format and save the shipping. Now, you would not find any reason never to start learning simple Spanish phrases with audio today, because it is within your reach. Take advantage of this chance and become ahead of the rest!

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  1. Reminds me days when I used to chat using MIRC and using google translator to talk to my spanish friend. Good article and informative.